KOK WORLD SERIES and MMA BUSHIDO tournament results and highlights

“The King of Kings” returned to the ASG arena in Vilnius, from 7 PM the event participants watched the MMA BUSHIDO’92 event, and in the second part of the evening, they watched the KOK’120 WORLD SERIES tournament.

Tournament results:

KOK’120 World Series

Sergej Maslobojev defeated Leandro Dikmoet with just 46 seconds remaining until the end of the second round when the referee stopped the fight.

Raimondas Avlasevicius won against Manuel Rifa by judges’ decision.

N. Lukošiunas won against Roland Wessel from the Netherlands.

In the third round, E.Salkovskis knocked out K.Kavaliauskas.

I.Barysas quickly finished the fight in 27 seconds against U.Halijakevic.

E. Balsys won against the Ukrainian A.Podhorny by knocking him out.

MMA Bushido’92

The rematch between R. Krilavicius and R. Mineiro was stopped when Mineiro’s coach threw in the towel.

S.Grecicho defeated N.Ixari by technical knockout in 15 seconds.

C.Brunswijk knocked out R.Ozols with a knee.

B.Sorochovas knocked out the Dutchman J.Klijenburg.

M. Rimsa won against  A.Juzika.

E.Kaganovicius achieved victory against E. Pancer.

Photo: Ieva Zelvyte

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