Moments from MMA BUSHIDO’92 and KOK’120 World Series Press Conference

This Saturday, MMA Bushido and KOK tournaments will shake Lithuania. Fighters from Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Poland will compete for the title of the best.

The main event of the evening will feature KOK and GLORY champion Sergej Maslobojev fighting against Dutch fighter Leandro Dikmoet.

Raimondas Krilavicius will have a rematch against Brazilian Rodrigo Mineiro.

During the tournament, you will see many well-known Lithuanian fighters such as Serg Grecicho, Ignas Barysas, Nauris Lukosiunas, Raimondas Avlasevicius, Edvinas Salkovskis, and many others.

The event can be watched live at

For more information, visit

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