Sergej Greicicho: “I miss Lithuanian fans”

On March 16th, during the “KOK’120 World Series” tournament, combat sports fans will have a unique opportunity to see the legendary MMA fighter Sergej Greicicho.

Sergej returns to the Lithuanian martial arts scene after a long break, where he will meet Italian fighter Alessio Leoni. “The thoughts of wanting to step back into the ring have been restless for the last year. Doubting and thinking about this comeback, I finally made a decision that brought great relief,” he says.

The fighter, missing the support of Lithuanian fans, emphasizes how important it is to feel that energy again, which was an inseparable part of his life earlier. “I miss the support of the Lithuanian fans and the process of preparing for a fight,” Sergej reveals.

Speaking about preparation, Greicicho says that thanks to excellent conditions and team support at his sports club, his training is intensive and smooth. “I’m glad to be surrounded by people who support and understand me. It gives me even more strength and motivation,” he states.

During the preparation for the fight, Sergej also collaborates with Ignas Barysas and the athletes of his club, Fightersland.

Speaking about the upcoming fight with Alessio Leoni, he says: “I think we will have several surprises for each other, so the ring will witness a stubborn and intriguing fight.”

Concluding the interview, Sergej addressed the martial arts fans: “I invite all my friends and acquaintances to come to the ASG arena on March 16th and support the Lithuanian fighters.”

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