A fighter from the legendary Dutch club “Mike’s Gym” calls out Sergej Maslobojev for a fight On March 16th in Vilnius

On March 16th in Vilnius, at the ASG arena, the biggest and most anticipated martial arts tournament “KOK’120 WORLD SERIES” will take place.

Leandro Dikmoet (16-3), a fighter from the legendary “Mike’s Gym” club, has thrown down the gauntlet to the champion of the world’s strongest martial arts organizations, Sergejus Maslobojevas (37-6). The fighter feels especially motivated, as a victory over the KOK and Glory champion would mean a long-desired leap into the ranks of the world’s elite fighters.

Sergejus’s opponent is firmly convinced of his victory, so radiating calmness and confidence, he is ready to win. His goal is to prove that even the strongest champions can make mistakes, and in sports, there are no unbeatable opponents.

Leandro publicly challenged Maslobojevas, calling him out for a fight, and the Lithuanian had no choice but to accept this challenge. The Dutch fighter does this with firm conviction and a clear message that he is ready to stand against one of the best fighters in Europe. This is not just an invitation to fight but also a serious statement that in sports, the greatest victories are achieved only by overcoming the strongest opponents.

The legendary “Mike’s Gym” club’s coach, Mike Passenier, speaks about the uniqueness of the upcoming fight, emphasizing the opponent’s impeccable physical form. “I know that if he does not succumb to external psychological pressure and remains focused, the chances of defeating Sergejus are very high,” says the great Mike, highlighting that this fight could end very unexpectedly. According to him, proper psychological preparation, along with physical readiness and discipline, are the foundation of everything in seeking victory, and Leandro has all these things, so he will prove that nothing is impossible in the ring.

This tournament, taking place on March 16th at the Avia Solutions Group arena, will undoubtedly become one of the most impressive sports events in Lithuania in 2024, and this fight will attract all martial arts fans.

Come and don’t miss the chance to see everything with your own eyes.

Tickets can be purchased at bilietai.lt.


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