10 reasons why you should visit the KOK MEGA SERIES HERO’S tournament this Saturday

November 18 day, the KOK MEGA SERIES “HERO’S” tournament will take place in the Vilnius “Avia Solution Group” arena. Here are the top 10 reasons why this event cannot be missed:

1. The biggest martial arts event in Europe: KOK MEGA SERIES “HERO’S” is recognized by the international community as one of the biggest martial arts tournaments in Europe, attracting all the elite fighters and huge attention of social networks all over the world.

2. Global broadcast: the tournament will be broadcasted to 178 countries of the world, to all five continents of the world.

3. TOP fighters of the world: Lithuania has not seen such a strong list of fighters for a long time. An entire division of the world’s most famous fighters will descend on the ASG arena.

4. Clash of the Titans: the exclusive event of the evening – Sergey Masloboev and Rhys Brudenell face off in the ring. Sergey Masloboev, will face the no. 1 fighter from England, Rhys Brudenell. This is a fight that has received a lot of international attention, as it is an impressive and hard-fought battle between two giants of the martial arts.

5. One of the most famous Lithuanian MMA fighters Raimondas Krilavičius will meet the scandalous Brazilian Rodrigue Ferreira in the ring.

6. Welterweight Grand Prix tournament: The first fights of the tournament will be: Naglis Tamasevicius against Benas Sorochovas and Anton Podhornyi against Jordy Laret. The winners of both matches will go to the finals, where it will be determined who will be the winner of the tournament.

7. Combination of two styles of martial arts in one evening: this evening will provide a unique opportunity to enjoy two different styles of martial arts, and satisfy the expectations of both MMA and professional KOK kickboxing fans.

8. “Bushido Angels” – the most beautiful ring girls in the world! “Bushido / KOK” tournaments are famous not only for their fights, grandiose show and excellent organization. Most beautiful girls, otherwise known as “Bushido Angels”, will be here to beautify the tournament.

9. Unique tactics and strategies: representatives of various fighting styles and arts will clash in the ring, so every fight in the tournament will be unique, unpredictable and full of adrenaline.

10. For the first time in history, the press conference with the athletes and the weigh-ins will be open to everyone. Not only journalists will have the opportunity to participate in the conference, but also everyone who wants to. The conference starts on Friday at 16:00 in the ASG arena. The conference can also be watched live on the PRIMEFIGHT.PLAY YouTube channel.

Come and don’t miss the chance to see everything with your own eyes.

You can buy tickets at bilietai.lt

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