Article 1 – VENUE

The match shall be held in 6.4 m X 6.4 m square ring surrounded by 4-level ropes.


Each fighter shall wear regulated gloves provided by the promoter.  Protective cup and Mouthpiece usage is mandatory.  Contact lenses are prohibited.  Each fighter shall prepare their own protective cup and a mouthpiece.

Article 3 – WEIGHT CLASS

Gloves sizes for each weight class are as follows:



8 oz



8 oz



8 oz



10 oz



10 oz

Light heavyweight


10 oz



10 oz

Article 4 – FIGHT METHOD

1.        Matches shall be held in the following manner.

(a)  One-match fights:

Each match consists of three (3) minutes X five (5) rounds (no extra rounds). Under special rules, the match will consist of three (3) minutes X three (3) rounds with maximum of extra two (2) rounds.

       (b)  Tournament fights:

Each match consists of three (3) minutes X three (3) rounds with extension of one (1) round, except for the final match.  The final match may have a maximum of two (2) extra rounds.

(c)    Must Point System:

The winner must be decided in the Must Point System by scoring points.

The purpose of establishing the Must Point System is to eliminate any possibility of a draw match, and the System is to be applied in the last round of the fight.  Even when the score difference is minimal, a winner will be decided on the merit of the final round fight.  The following rounds shall be considered as a final round.

  • The fifth round in three (3) rounds X five (5) minutes of One-match fights.
  • The second extra round in three (3) rounds X three (3) rounds of One-match fights.
  • The second extra round in final match of tournament fights
  • The first extra round in tournament fights, excluding the final match.
  1. In consideration of fighter’s safety, no fighter shall participate in more than fifteen (15) rounds in one day.
  2. Interval between rounds shall be one minute.


The following techniques are authorized.

Punches:          Straight punches, hooks, uppers, and backspin blows.

Kicks:              Front kicks, low kicks, middle kicks, high kicks, side kicks, back kicks, inner thigh kicks, jumping kicks, and knee kicks.

The following restrictions apply to the usage of the backspin blow.

  1. The authorized area of contact for the backspin blow shall be the area of the glove from the wrist to the tip of the fingers.
  2. In case the referee cannot decide if the backspin blow was made by the authorized area or not, the match shall be stopped.  The supervisor, supervisory staff, and the referee and the judges shall review the fight by reviewing the Video Replay, if necessary. When it is determined that the attack was made by the unauthorized area, the backspin blow is considered as a foul, and the fighter shall be penalized.  If the committee cannot determine the area where hit the opponent, the attack shall be considered as an accident.

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