I. Osinin about his future fight: “it will be a great celebration”


“I am looking forward to this duel and hope that this will be another step forward in my career,” admitted Igor Osinin, who is preparing for the upcoming fight in KOK World Series.

The 16th of March in Vilnius Siemens Arena, Sparta Gym student will fight with an athlete Mohamado Salio from Nigeria who is preparing in Italy.

M. Saliou is proud of his record in professional ring : 13 wins, 1 draw and no defeat, six fights Saliou won by knockouts.

The 24-year-old athlete has started his career in martial arts just five years ago and have surprised many professionals.

“But I’m not surprised,” said Saliou. – I know what I want. I always need victories “.

According to M. Saliou, his strong side in the ring is boxing skills. “And I believe that these skills can lead to victory, – I know that I will meet very strong opponent, but that day the judge will raise only one hand. I hope my hand will be up and I will be able to enjoy a beautiful victory.”

I. Osinin admitted that the preparations for the fight is constantly intensifying.

“Everything is done according to strictly structured program of coach Andrius Sipaila,” the fighter said. – I don’t worry. My main job is to listen to coach instructions and give all my strength to training. I know that I am preparing with some of the best Lithuanian fighters, so I’ll be completely calm before the 16th of March. ”

According to I. Osinin, each fight is a great celebration, during which two fighters demonstrate what they have learned during their long training years. “That’s why I often go to the ring with a smile,” laughs I. Osinin. – Maybe not all viewers can see it, but there is a smile inside me. Because every fight in the ring is like a big feast for me.”

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