Challenge for Sergej ”Kuvalda” Maslobojev from British champion !


“The most important thing is that this fight will help me become a better fighter. No matter who my opponent is, the most important thing is that I will be well prepared, “says one of the best Lithuanian fighters, Sergej Masloboyev, who will soon be preparing for the upcoming fight in „KOK Worlds series 2019 in Vilnius” tournament.

On 16th of March at Vilnius, Siemens Arena, Sparta Gym student will meet British fighter Fraser Weightman, who has experience in Glory tournament.

The British Champion’s career record is impressive. It features 22 wins and two losses. He achieved 14 victories in knockouts.

The 29-year-old British states that he sees every fight as a great challenge.

“I was thrown out of my house when I was sixteen,” says Weightman himself. – Since I was always higher than my friends, I had to learn to defend myself from a wide range of drunk idiots. This is how fighting came in to my life”.
Weightman confessed that he wants to be the best fighter in the world. “And if I want to, I have to fight with the bests. The upcoming fight will be another proof that I am ready to be the best.”

Lithuanian martial arts star S. Maslobojev reacted with a smile when he heard his future opponent’s statements. “I understand it perfectly, show me a fighter in a ring who doesn’t want to be the best,” Masloboyev said. “I also want to be the best, so we’ll find out everything in KOK ring soon”.


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