The opponent for S.Maslobojev has been revealed: A championship fight awaits.


After announcing his participation in the „Bushido Heros and KOK World GP" tournament happening in Vilnius. S.Maslobojev got news about his opponent from the organizers.

"I have said countless times that participating in Lithuanian events is my priority" - says S.Maslobojev. - I can't wait to fight, and I will be waiting for a packed "Siemens" arena.

On the 17th of November S.Maslobojev will be fighting the Turkish superstar Fatih Mehmet Karakus. The 22 year old fighter has already made his mark in the sport with 14 wins (8 by knockout) and 2 losses. The young fighter has already won the IFSA world championship belt.
This is a wait that i have been wanting to see, - says the organizer of the tournament and the president of the Bushido federation - Donatas Simonaitis. The KOK world champion S.Maslobojev has already beaten most of the organizations champions and has become the amateur world champion. "After a long negotiation we were able to agree with the IFSA organization, for the fight".

The IFSA also requested that the fight could be seen by their delegated supervisor.

"I am very happy that we were able to agree to this championship fight, especially because it's in Vilnius", - says D.Simonatis.


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