I am very excited for my upcoming fight. I can't wait to fight Rodrigo again - Says Mindaugas Narauskas, while getting ready for the „Dream Boxing and KOK'59 World series in Kaunas" tournament.

On the 21 st of September the young talent will face off against a very familiar opponent in Rodrigo Mineiro.

A year ago they fought in Kaunas. The fight ended in a draw.

"A rematch is a perfect opportunity to see how much i have improved this past year: - says M.Narauskas. - i still think about the ending of last fight and i can't wait to see how this fight will go. We will see if Rodrigo trained as hard as i did".

"Rodrigo isin't a standart fighter. I'ts hard to understand his movements. Sometimes his most simple move can become his hardest punch. He's the same in the ring and in the cage".


The fighter is very excited because the fight is taking place in Kaunas - his hometown. "only good emotions come to my mind when i reminisce about the event last year, even if the fight was very hard. I believe that the event will have a lot of viewers and that that our sport will attract more viewers. I want our sport to attract as many people as possible

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1RVOiCofds


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