M. NARAUSKAS: There won't be two draws in a row


"There won't be two draws in a row" - said M.Narauskas on his upcomming fight against R.Mineiro

After apologising to R.Mineiro, M.Narauskas and R.Mineiro will meet at the Dream Boxing & KOK World Series 2018 tournament on September 21 in Kaunas.

The fights will take place in the "Žalgiris" arena - the same arena that their last fight took place and it ended in a draw. The decision angered R.Mineiro: he stated that he would return to Kaunas and wouldn't leave the rock on a rock, he also said alot of provocative phrases, and talked down Marijus Misiūnas- the coach of M.Narauskas, to remind him some rules of courtesy and respect some Lithuanian supporters tried to get in the ring.

"Then, at the end of the tournament, we talked calmly, he admitted he was angry and apologized. I understood him - I did not have emotions. On the other hand, the fight was really very difficult and nervous. We had all the power ", - M. Narauskas spoke in the 2017th remembrance.

The 20-year-old fighter of the "Titan" club of Kaunas stressed that this time he will not need additional motivation. "I will defend the honor of my city, I hope that there will be more supporters in the" Žalgiris "arena than last year. I think they will be able to congratulate the winner, because there will be no doubles in a row, "- said M.Narauskas.

“Dream Boxing & KOK World Series 2018” Will be the first tournament for M.Narauskas this season.

"Since autumn 2017, I have won a couple of very important duels, I have become Europe's professional league and amateur champion in the fall," said Narauskas, pointing out that the victories in Turkey and the Czech Republic are very significant to him.

During the Champions League (EML) competition in Antalya, M.Narauskas (weight category up to 72.57 kg) fought 3 times in one evening: first defeated Andrea Gollone, followed by a czech Vlastimil Barink and finally the Spanish fighter Arizona Colchon.

"The Lithuanian was not a favorite, M.Narauskas odds to win weren't good, but the duel after the duel, this guy made it easier to deal with his rivals with his sharp attacks. Do not hesitate - we will hear a lot from M. Narauskas, "wrote Nina Schumacher, a German federal spokesman.

In the championship hosted in Prague, Mindaugas led the capitulation of Danish fighter Ramizas Uglas, Turkish fighter Arias Adil Giuler, and to finish it off 29:28 - Israelian athlete Roie Ullman. "I lost the first round, but others got better - M.Narauskas spoke about the duel with R. Ullman. - If you can not beat the opponent by force, then you need to try the wisdom.

The Trieste Fight Night Tournament in Italy this July introduced not only the main trophies but also the unforgettable excitement. The athletes fought at the Trieste marina, under the open sky. M.Narauskas killed the second round and beat Teo Mikeličy.

"The audience was very emotional in responding to what was going on in the ring, but they were not only clapping for their own fighters, but also for fighters from other countries - for striking effects, elements of the show," said a Titan spokeswoman.

Mindaugas still recaps the fastest victory when he knocked out the opponent just after the fight started. "It happened, it seems, in the first few seconds of the actuality. Knockout is an undeniable proof of superiority, and judges do not need to scratch their heads,-he said Europe's champion.

Six years ago, M.Narauskas started his career with his trainer V.Valančius, and he inteds to fight as long as he is in good health and has motivation.

"There are fighters, in their 30's, but they are in good physical shape. It's important to train regularly and consistently, because any break requires more and more homework, and they also need to find time. In order not to be abusive, in such cases you need to decide what to choose - a ring or to become a spectator, "the Lithuanian muay was a star.



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