Zalgirio Arena - Boxing and Bushido Tournament Conference

"We did not have such a scale and format of the tournament in our country. The biggest starts of boxing and bushido will come to Kaunas, "said Donatas Simanaitis, the president of the Lithuanian Bushido Federation.

The organizer who organized many international tournaments all over the world says that the 21st of September boxing and bushido fans will see an unforgettable event at Kaunas Zalgirio Arena. For the first time in Lithuanian history, there will be a joint professional boxing and bushido tournament "DREAM BOXING & KOK WORLD SERIES 2018". During the evening, there will be five professional boxing and six bushido fights.

The tournament will be broadcast to more than a hundred countries. This will open a new page in the history of the Lithuanian Professional Boxing history.

The 23rd of May there were a press conference of the upcoming event at Zalgirio Arena. .

Future participant’s such as, representatives of the Lithuanian Bushido Federation and Lithuanian Professional Boxing Federation the first national boxing professional V. Mickiewicz, and  future fighters, were participated there and spoke in details about the upcoming event.

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