Sergei Masloboyev went to the ring with Stasys Povilaitis song "Light to me again", but it was a dark evening for his rival- fighter from Morocco Noureddine Ajnaou.

This was the last Bushido KOK 2018 Vilnius tournament duel, viewers were patiently waiting for their favorites. The 188 high S.Masloboyev appearance on  Siemens Arena was left to the end, as if it was a dessert for fans.

The start of the fight was not so fun for a Lithuanian fighter, which is called Kuvalda, when the judge stopped the battle for a moment, when thirty-year-old fighter holded on his waist for a second.

The audience began to rumble, not satisfied with the treacherous action of the Moroccan fighter, but after a second, when S. Maslobojev was ready to fight, A.Ajnaou  had smashed nose.

His second-guards tried to fix his nose, but the judges quickly announced the victory of S.Masloboyev. It took only one and a half minutes to complete it.

"I did not expect such short fight," said S.Masloboyev. - He walked upside down with sideways, but did not think that the bottom was opened – and   found it. I saw his nose and it scared me. I suggested to the judge to stop the fight. I was disappointed because I wanted to have a good show. I would not wish to anyone to get such a trauma - his nose was on his cheek. " 

The Moroccan fighter needed medics help. And he may need serious surgery.

S.Maslobojev himself has undergone a nose surgery, so that he would be able to breath easyer. After half an minute of fighting, he considered that the  punches cause various injuries, that the power of the punch is not always giving an impact.

"Sometimes people are absorbing very strong punches, and unexpected weak punches - kills. When they do not expect punches, they send an opponent to sleep, "said S.Masloboyev.

On Saturday evening, very different songs were played at Siemens Arena, all of them were picked by the fighters, as fighters went to the ring. There were Russian songs, aggressive rap, hot rhythm, and here S.Masloboyev unexpectedly chose S. Povilaicio song.

"It's a shame that Maestro has already left the world, but his song is known to both old and young, there is no one who does not know it," said Masloboyev. - I heard that song and I said to myself - I want it. "

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