"The best? Unstoppable? These words are beautiful. When I were young , I made a mistake because I believed in that, "admits one of the best Lithuanian fighter Sergej Masloboev. When he realized that he was vulnerable, the fighter with nickname Kuvalda cannot  remember, but he says that life has put everything in the right drawer at correct time and place.

"Life was all about: there were victories, after which I baptized myself as a king of the ring , and terrible defeats after which I cried and screamed and said that I do not want to fight anymore, because I am just a piece of shit. I would not feel worthy to the ring, the support of the audience and, after all, the money which are paid to me for the battles, "said S. Masloboev.

 He still remembers the heaviest and most terrible incident in the ring - a heavy knockout  in the fight with Thomas Bridgewater.

"I won that fight, but it was a sign that I had to land on the ground, I realized that I was getting old. During the  seconds that the ring judge counted, I realized that I will not stay at the ring  forever. There was a thought in my head: "Is this “the” fight ? Is this is the  fight that will end everything? " After the fight it was hard, it was not a sweet victory, because after it I just wanted to hide, "- admitted S. Masloboyev.


The  17th of March, at the Siemens Arena, he will meet with the menacing and famous for his knockouts  Moroccan Noureddine Ajnaou.

An African wrestler already shoved his skills in a professional ring for 20 times, of which 17 times he celebrated victory, and 12 times he won by knockout. He has already announced that he has analyzed Lithuanian fights and discovered a number of loopholes. "I will celebrate an easy victory," N. Ajnaou announced.

- How many times have you heard that you have been analyzed, that they know all your  weaknesses and are preparing to knockout you?

  - Before every fight. Such words are not surprising me anymore. I am glad that my opponent is preparing for the fight and watching the records.

- But, does this words scares you?

- I never paid attention to it before. What the fighter have to say before fighting? Will he say that "we'll see everything in a ring"? I think this phrase is repeated too often before the match. This time, I'm a little uncomfortable. I feel watched (smiles). I'm not happy because I know my own gaps, I know that a well-prepared and persistent fighter can take the advantage of it. By the way, I am not happy with the stage of my preparation. I feel sluggish, motionless - like a frozen. I am intensively preparing, but I am not satisfied. The days are running fast, and I still do not feel like a fighter, I do not feel like a warrior.

- Is this is the first time? - No. After the fight with Th. Ridgewater was worse. Then I was really afraid because I did not know what I was, and I even started to chatter in my head looking for an answer, why I do it.

- Have you had to look up for the answer for long time ?

- Till another fight.

- Did you managed to find all your answers? 

- I have not found answers until now. I know that Sergej Masloboyev just cannot be without the ring. Is it sounding banal?- Yes.- But I cannot say that ring can not be without  Sergej Maslobojev.

- And if I ask a little differently - is Sergej Masloboyev ever  cried?

- Yes, of course. Am I forbidden from it? Do you know what is the hardest thing in human life? The hardest thing is to get lost in yourselves – when every  moment  you question yourself: "Why do you do that?" I've been lost , and I still get those moments  "why do you do it?". However, I try to prevent it  from invading my head, because it is not a good time for crying. I do not want to be that hedgehog  in the mist.

- If you are able to block "why do you do this", it turns out, that you know the  answer?

- I have, but I do not know if this is the right answer. The first one who helped me was "for people", then he turned into "for Lithuania". But it sounded  extremely proud.

- And what is the answer now?

- I do this for people who believe in me. I do this for those who may or may be an example. You know, I will answer the previous question you asked: if not sports, if not the ring, I think, you would be able to see my name mostly as the criminal news headlines. And I understand that. The sport pulled me out of the swamp, sport prevented me from getting into the swamp and drowning in it. Yes, I've missed the path of an athlete on several occasions - I thought too much about myself, talked too openly, chosen my friends carelessly. And I understand that I will not come back, but I still have time to become a person who can rescue another by his own example, to show him the way. And most importantly, I want to be the greatest example of my son Ramir.


- Did you son not the one who made you to be afraid?

  - Seriously? Are you asking this question?  I think it's natural that after my son's birth I'm not a person who could say "I have nothing to lose." And that's why I'm very happy. To be a person who constantly repeats that "I have nothing to lose" is empty, painful, and sad. And I have something to do. After all, I know that, after ten years Ramir is going to find all my combat records. It would be good  if my victories were everywhere. I do not want that my  son justify his father.

- Do you already know what the fight with N. Ajnaou will look like?

- (Laughs) He knows all my gaps, he promised a knockout. How can all this end? My victory!

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