"I had to eat over the straw for two months ... There were days when I did not want to see anything in my eyes," said Sigitas Gaizauskas, one of the best Muaiy Thai fighters in Lithuania, who suffered  from serious trauma which incurred at Thailand.

He was pleased that his closest friends and family did not go away from him during the most difficult career time. "It's they who helped me to cope psychologically. Thank you, - said S. Gaizauskas. – Return to the ring  after severe injuries is very difficult, both physically and morally. As I was traumatized, I came across a variety of thoughts, but I decided to manage my health, relax and return to the ring. The first fight will be very difficult, but I'm ready for it. "

The 17th of March at “Bushido KOK 2018 Vilnius”,  student of “Titanas” club will fight against rival from Morocco Youssef El Hadmi.

I saw a few of his fights. This fighter have a lot of  experience, he is fighting  in high-level tournaments - S. Gaizauskas said that there is no point of guessing how the fight might finish. “Every punch can end with a knockout,”- said S. Gaizauskas. – Winner will be the one who will be more technical and will have more endurance.”

Lithuanian who have accumulated experience in Thailand and have won a number of victories have said that all the battles are tremendously difficult there. "Therefore, every successful fight was a lot of joy. And when you start to win one fight after the other  and start to demonstrate high craftsmanship, people start to respect you and show  interest to you,-  told S. Gaizauskas- In Thailand, I had to prove, with my hard work, that I am worth to fight in the best tournaments.

S. Gaižauskas said that the fight in Vilnius will be very hard. "This tournament means a lot to me. This is my return after my serious trauma. It will be difficult, but expect support from the audience. And I promise to show you a very good and beautiful fight, "said the fighter.


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