On Saturday, fans of martial arts in Vilnius saw the usual image of the total Lithuanian dominance in the Bushido Hero's tournament, and the evening dessert was not a battle for the champion's belt weight category up to 71 kg, but Sergeij Maslobojev walk out to the ring.

The brightest Lithuanian martial arts star was fighting with the mysterious fighter from Greece - Petros Vardak. He replaced another athlete on the eve of the tournament, who had to fight with Kuvalda.

Greeks entered the ring with dance moves, while S. Maslobojev came in to the ring with Aleksander Makeyev accompanied alive.

When the fight started, it was clearly seen that P. Vardak had left a lot of strength by dancing - in the ring he picked one punch after another.

Lithuanians dominated against the visitor and completed everything in the second round when he sent his rival to knockdown three times and the judge was forced to stop the fight.

Meanwhile, in the weight category up to 71 kg in the finals, two Lithuanians were fighting, in the semi-finals they defeated foreign competitors - Henrik Viksraitis and Mindaugas Narauskas.

In the finals fighters needed all three rounds, but the more active and precise former H. Viksraitis convinced the judges - they unanimously elected the winner from Sparta Gym.

In other battles, there was no shortage of spectacular moments and dismay - Arvydas Gerve knocked out his opponent- Ulugbek Zukhurov.

The opponent was lying on the ground for a good minute till he stood up. 

The fight was totally different for Tomas Pakutinskas - the giant could not deal with the fighter from Ukrainian Yurii Protsenko, who is more like a food taster than a professional fighter.

The fighter tried several times to condemn T.Pakutinskas but failed. Finally, the judges declared draw, and after such an unsuccessful struggle, the Lithuanian refused to communicate with the journalists and laid his head behind the scenes.

All evening fights:

First fight: Ulugbek Zuchurov (Kazakhstanas) - Arvydas Gerve

A.Gerve knocked out the opponent at the first round. U. Zuchurov was lying on the ground for a good minute till he stood up.

Second fight: Chico Kwasi (Holand) - Mantas Stankis

The doctor stopped the fight at the second round and agreed that C. Kwasi won the fight by technical knockout

Third fight:  Mindaugas Packevicius - Martynas Danius

At the second round M. Danius won the fight by technical knockout. Fighter probably heard the talks from seats- a women was asking him to finish the fight as soon as possible as he wanted to go to the city as soon as possible.

Forth fight: Tadeuszas Rajewski (Poland) - Igoris Osininas

The first fight which required all three rounds. But it was not enough judges announced an additional round, and I.Osininas had his hand rising after extra round. 

Fifth fight: Ignas Barysas - Konstantinos Skordouli (Geece)

At the second round by the leg lock I. Barysas forced the referee to stop the fight. 

Sixth fight: Yourii Protsenko (Ukraine) - Tomas Pakutinskas

The battle needed an extra round, however, even after the extra round Draw occurred. T.Pakutinskas was very disappointed with his appearance, and the opponent was angry at the decision of judges.

Seventh fight: Abena Shonzinyo (Holand) - Henrikas Viksraitis

After the judge decision H. Viksraitis won the "trip" to the final.

Eight fight: Jordy Laretas (Surinam) - Mindaugas Narauskas

Narauskas won the fight by the knockout at the first round. And won the "trip" to the final.

Ninth fight: Denis Makowski (Poland)- Martynas Jasiunas

One more fight where Lithuanian was more aggressive, but Polish fighter was more technical. But the judges decided to support activity so they announced M. Jasiunas as winner.

Tenth fight: Patrick Schmid (Switzerland)- Julius Mocka

The fight needed an extra round, in which J. Mocka dominated. While the fighters were fighting at the ring the security guardians were fighting with audience.

Eleventh fight: M. Narauskas- H. Viksraitis

The Final fight, for the weight category up to 71kg for the champion title, required all three rounds, but Henrikas Viksraitis, the unanimous decision of the judges, was announced as winner. 

Twelfth Fight: Pertros Vardakas (Greece) - Sergeij Maslobojev

In the second round, the fight was stopped - S. Maslobojev won by technical knockout.


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