Julius Mocka

This Saturday lovers of combat sports will come to support the best fighters of Lithuania at Vilnius “Bushido Hero’s” tournament.

 The 18th of November at Vilnius “Siemens” arena, the most powerful fighters will go to the ring.

For the KOK champion title in category of 71kilograms, at the strongest “four” will compete two Lithuanian fighters: Saprta fight Gym student Henrikas Viksraitis and young talent from “Titanas” Mindaugas Narauskas.

In the first semi-final M. Narauskas will fight with Jordy Laret from Holland, and H. Viksraitis will be fighting with Shonzinyo Abena.

The audience who will come to the arena are expecting to see Lithuanian final.

"I know Mindaugas and I wish him victory in the semi-finals," said H. Viksraitis before the tournament. - I think the audience would like to see us in the final, I wish him to be in the best possible shape and so that Lithuania triumphs at the final four. It would be hard to guess how our fight would look, but I know one - it would be difficult for Mindaugas. "

No promising

Martynas Jasiunas from fighting club “Vendetta” is promising an unforgettable fight as well as he is coming back to the main ring after the brake. He will have to fight with Polish fighter D. Makowski. In the summer M. Jasiunas was at Muay Thai camp at Thailand. "I was preparing for the European Muay Thai Championship," the fighter reminded. - Now the preparations for the KOK tournament are taking place. I train twice a day, so I think I will be in good shape. I paid a lot of attention to endurance and training with a lot of different rivals. How much it affected my will be seen soon. "

“Sparta Fight Gym” student Julius Mocka is preparing for the tournament as well. “What can you expect form me? Enjoyable event, - laughed J. Mocka. – I do not want to push myself in to the frame. I don’t want to give any promises. Only after knowing the opponent, of course, I felt the thrill. I know that this will be a challenge for me. I'm not superman, I'm also controlled by emotion, but I know that now is the most crucial moment where you need to start your engine and prepare properly for the upcoming battle. "

He will be fighting with fighter from Switzerland Patricku Schmidu.

Will go till the end

The club “Rings” student T. Pakutinskas states that the titles and fame does not scare him. “Preparation for this duel is very intensive, I am currently doing two workouts a day, - said T. Pakutinskas. - I will be prepared. I do not like to talk a lot, so I will wish for my opponent a good fight.”

One of the best Lithuanian fighters, Sergej Maslobojev, is concvinced that spectators who will come to this event will not have time to yawn.

 "I know that we will not allow spectators to yawn and I believe that we will go till the end with, so we can expect anything in this fight," said Sparta Fight Gym fighter. "I'd rather get dead than I'd give up." It’s really not a light walks here. " fighter from Vilnius will fight against the Greek Vardak Petros. 

Viewers of the Bushido Hero's tournament will also be able to enjoy the "atomic" Ignas Barysa, the technical Igor Osinin, the never-giving up  Martynas Danius, and the stubborn Mantas Stankis fights.

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