Julius Mocka

I missed the ring, the fight and the „start-up “excitement, “- said one of the most powerful Lithuanian fighters Julius Mocka, who is currently preparing for Bushido Hero‘s tournament in Vilnius.

The 18th of November at “Siemens” arena “Sparta Fight Gym” student will meet with Swiss rival Patrick Schmid, nicknamed “Big Swiss”.

The spectacular physical data: 192cm height 108kg weight- Swiss fighter in a professional ring featuring 35 victories, which 25 of them he finished with knockouts.

“What can you expect form me? Enjoyable event, - laughed J. Mocka. – I do not want to push myself in to the frame. I don’t want to give any promises. Only after knowing the opponent, of course, I felt the thrill. I know that this will be a challenge for me. I'm not superman, I'm also controlled by emotion, but I know that now is the most crucial moment where you need to start your engine and prepare properly for the upcoming battle. "

Mocka has already viewed several of his opponent’s battles. “I know that we deserved each other. With trainer Andrius Sipaila we will prepare the tactics of the fight…. But we will see how I will act at the ring,” laughed J. Mocka. - This time I think that the audience will see very professional fight.”

Swiss P. Schmid started his career as a fighter twelve years ago. Although he learned martial arts in Aikido training, he is now known as a great puncher, especially with his elbows and knees. 

“I also came not from nowhere. I am “friends” with ring for 13 years now. I am fine fighter and I think that I already showed it many times, - said J. Mocka. - It will be a great fight”.  

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