The biggest KOK tournament intrigue: are the best Lithuanians will fight for the champion title? (2)

“Lithuanian tournament final? That would be the best view for our audience”, says the most powerful light weight (to 71kg) fighters Henrikas Viksraitis from Vilnius and Mindaugas Narauskas from Kaunas, who are preparing for the KOK tournament champion title.

The 18th of November in Vilnius- “Siemens arena”- Lithuanians will fight for the “KOK World GP” champion title. “Sparta Fight Gym” student H. Viksraitis will meet with fighter from Dutch Honzinyo Abena at the semi-finals. In other semi-final “Titanas” fighter M. Naraskas will meet Jordy Laret who is already well known for the Lithuanian audience.

“I know Mindaugas and I wish him victory in his semi-finals, - said H. Viksraitis. – I think the audience would wish to see us at the final, I wish him to be in his best shape and wishing him to triumph at the final four. It would be hard to guess how our fight would look like, but I know that It would be hard for Mindaugas.

Last week in Belgium M. Narauskas won IKBF champion belt and now he is calm: “Lithuanian final? First of all, we need to beat our rivals in the semi-finals.”

"Of course, the best option would be to finish the first battle early, so that would leave me with more force for the finals," said M. Narauskas. "However, J. Laret has endurance, so I am preparing for a longer fight." I am not underestimating any of my opponents, I am currently improving the technique and stamina. This time, audience will see me sharp, abrupt and enduring. "

Fighter from Vilnius H. Viksraitis said that the preparation for the tournament is a holy thing.

“I do not miss the training, I stay in the gym for longer, if I won the fight that doesn’t mean that I will start to celebrate it, I am going back to gym to improve my skills. I am always prepared to step to the ring, - said fighter from Vilnius. - Semi-finals? The fighters from Dutch always characterized by a hot temper and desire to win a fight. I think the fight will be difficult, but spectators who know me know that I'm not reluctant to easily give victories, often I'm seriously damaging my opponents. "

"Yes, Henrikas is a very high-level fighter," said M. Narauskas. - It was interesting for me to watch his fights, it would be even more interesting to enter the ring, it is like a great test of my strength. Every fight for me is important, and this opportunity to fight for the title only motivates me to move forward - I will not give up. "


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