S.Maslobojev will meet his opponent from Sweden who knocked out 70 fighters

Lithuanian sports veteran Sergei Masloboyev the 18th of November will be fighting at traditional tournament “King of Kings”. Lithuanian opponent will be Swedish veteran Tofan Pirani. This information was published by the president of the Lithuanian Bushido Federation Donatas Simanaitis.

“A fighter from Sweden has had about 100 battles and has knocked out 70 opponents. A real challenge is waiting for Sergejus. We are so glad that a star like Tofan is coming to Lithuania.,” said D. Simanaitis.

Before the fight S. Maslobojevas asked for fans support: “It’s always nice to come to a beautiful city. I hope you will come to Vilnius to support Lithuanian fighters. "

T. Pirani has become a full contact European kickboxing champion.

S.Masloboyevas, who already won many titles during his career, recently added  WAKO- PRO World kickboxing Championship belt to his collection. The 30st of June at the main fight he defeated his opponent from French Stephane Susperregui by technical knockout. 


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