Intrigue between Vilnius and Kaunas: will there will be a knockout?


“I am hoping for a technical fight, which will end by knockout”, - smiles Arvydas Gerve, Muay Thai champion of Scandinavia, who is preparing for „MMA BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES 2017“tournament.


On Saturday (the 23rd of September) at Kaunas “Zalgirio arena” loyal club “Titanas” fighter will fight with his opponent, “Sparta Fight Gym” student, one of the most technical fighters – Igor Osinin. “The preparation for this tournament is going very intense, - said fighter who lives in Sweden. - I work out six times a week. I need to prepare for kickboxing fight, so we are trying to concentrate to movements. I am used to fights where you can use elbows and “clinch”. But till this Saturday I need to stop using it. “


When asked what he knows about his future rival, A. Gerve said: "I know that he has participated in big tournaments and gain a lot of experience."


“I am quite new in this “game”, so I do not expect much support from the audience. But I still think that the audience in Kaunas is the best, - said A. Gerve. – I feel a great responsibility against myself, as I want to prove to myself more that I can.”


Fighter from Vilnius I. Osinin is calm before the fight. “I am constantly developing in training. I feel it every day, - said “Sparta Fight Gym” student. - For the opponent and myself I can wish for a fight without injuries. I will go to the ring to fight and hope to feel a pleasure. I'll admit, I do not plan anything. We all know well known adage “If you did not overcome the dich, do not say “op””.  The fighter admitted that in the ring he will show everything what he knows. “I do it for myself, I do what I like. I do not feel responsible to anyone else - just myself. In the ring I will show what I know, and what Andrius Sipaila taught me.”



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