Deividas Danyla “I am already ready"

Recently Deividas Danyla came back from Thailand and he is not wasting his time, after all, just one week left till the biggest MMA Bushido & KOK World Series 2017 tournament, which will take place in Kaunas- Zalgirio Arena on September the 23rd. “I am already ready, - smiles fighter Deividas Danyla, who spent three months in Thailand the Muay Thai homeland. - All my preparations for the MMA BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES 2017 tournament took place there. I came back to Lithuania in a great form”. Hard and difficult workouts and the opportunity to show myself to the whole world in one of the most prestigious tournament “Mx Muay Xtreme”- that’s how three months went past in Thailand. “After one week of training I felt that my level from technical side has been improved, -said club “Titanas” student. –I feel that I improved myself.” 

Danyla had six different coaches in Thailand. “Every trainer, who is strong in different technics, gave a new knowledge,”- smiled fighter. - I am not strong enough with the “Clinch”, the elbows and knees technique lagged behind. But, to tell the truth, I never needed it, because I always use my strong part in the ring - hand technique. Of course, the Thai people are weaker on it, but they are improving themselves. There are already some great boxing schools in Thailand that are not inferior than European.” 

To the ring- to win! 

“Everyone could notice than my technique improved at the “Mx Muay Xtreme” tournament where I overcame much more experienced Thai fighters, - reminded D. Danyla. - I am the only Lithuanian who received the invitation to participate in this high-level event, so I aimed to perform very good. I managed to do this. I was able to show myself to the world and I already have a lot of invitations to fight. " In the tournament the fighter from Kaunas in a weight category up to 65 kilograms slaughtered two opponents from Thailand, but in the semi-finals by the decision of judges descended to the opponent from Scotland Andrew Miller. “The fighter admitted that “before going to Thailand I been watching this tournament, the organizers informed me that I will fight in it just one month before. The level of motivation was very high. – I am disappointed for the last fight as it was equal and I was hoping for an extra round, but the judges decided different. Of course, before the fight with fighter from Scotland I had some health issues, I used antibiotics. The physical form was not the best, but I always go to the ring to win. I went there to do the same. But that day was more successful for my opponent from Scotland. Never mind".

He is not scared of the challenges in Kaunas- Zalgirio Arena the 23rd of September. D. Danyla will fight with the opponent from Spain Francisco Valderrama. "Now it's time to cure all the injuries, from the technical side- I'm ready," said the fighter. - I do not have any details about my opponent, but I do not care about it. In Thailand, I fought with very good fighters, I do not think that anyone can scare me or surprise me now. " 

The fighter from Kaunas underlined that he understands that there is number of fighters who want to resolve the relationships with him in the ring. "This is perfectly understandable. After all, everyone wants to fight with the very best, "D. Danyla said. - I do not have any difference with whom to fight. I have fought with the very well-known names in the Muay Thai world ... in Lithuania? There are Igor Osinin, Ignas Barys, Martynas Danius - there are good fighters here. What can I say? When someone will ask me to fight with them I will fight. I don’t care. I'm always ready. "


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