Rising star of martial arts Martynas Danius: This fights will start with strong strikes!

“Responsibility is always high. It grows with every victory,” said Martynas Danius, the star of Lithuanian combat sport, who is currently actively preparing for the" MMA BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES 2017 "tournament in Kaunas.

The 23rd of September “K-1 Academy” student will fight with fighter from Lithuania Mindaugas Packevicius.

"Preparation is going well, I cannot say that everything is in line with the plan, but I am trying my best,” said Danius. - I don’t have a lot of information about my opponent, but I know that he participated in various tournaments, as well he fought against Igor Osinin. In the past he lost against Igor and I defeated Igor once. True, “math” in this sport is not working. Pity.”

The fighter from Klaipeda admitted that he has no special wishes for his opponent. “I will wish the same what I wish for all fighters which I know. I will wish him a good fight, - said Danius with respect. How will the fight end? I won’t say. I know just one thing that this fight will start with strong strikes.   

I will fight against the opponent from Kaunas I believe that the audience will support Mindaugas. But I hope that my efforts will be appreciated, "said Danius. I will try to not disappoint my coach, myself and of course all who believes in me. 

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