Interview with Mindaugas Narauskas

“I am preparing for long and hard fight, but if there will be a possibility to end the fight I will end it before the end of the 3 rounds”, - stated Mindaugas Narauskas, a student of the "Titanas" club, who is preparing for the "MMA BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES 2017" tournament.

The 23rd of September in Kaunas “Zalgirio arena” this Lithuanian fighter will fight with opponent from Brazil Rodrigo Mineiro.

Audience who are interested in Martial arts already know this fighter as he challenged our fighter Karolis Liukaitis.

“In that fight Rodrigo seemed very enduring and physically strong, I never thought that I will ever fight with him in the ring. While training Karolis seemed very strong and prepared, but Rodrigo was more superior, -about his opponent talked M. Narauskas. - Time has passed and I can state that I improved myself and I feel prepared for the fight with Rodrigo”.

When we asked what he want to wish for his opponent, M. Narauskas laughed. “Rodrigo is very self-confident, and he already stated that this fight will cause a lot of pain for me, but these intimidations are not completely convincing me, they just make me smile, - said fighter. – I will wish him to train hard, because I am prepared to win this war. We will fight at my home town and I believe that I will get a lot of support”.

For the tournament M. Narauskas is preparing at “Titanas” club. “As well I went to a fighting camp, where well known trainers Marius Misiūnas and Žydrūnas Jasiūnas leaded the workouts. I improved my endurance and technique.   We focused on Muay Thai technique, and I accented the kick with the knee… Rodrigo should protect himself at the ring”, - smiled M. Narauskas. 


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