MMA/ KOK World Championship is soon coming to Kaunas and Lithuanian fighters are getting ready for this tournament. One of Lithuanian fighters D. Danyla won another fight againts his opponent from Thailand. 

In the third round of weight category of 65-kg, Lithuanian knocked out his opponent from Thailand. Formerly D. Danyla has already sent his opponent to the knock down. The fighter from Thailand after a strike to head did not arised from the ring cover for a long time.

Lithuanian fighter won the 21st victory over his career and left with 13 defeats. This victory has opened Danial's door to the semi-finals of the tournament, where his rival will be a French or Thai fighter and this will be a true help for this fighter to get ready for the tournament in Lithuania.

D. Dnyla will be fighting in Lithuania in MMA/ KOK World fighting Championship in Kaunas the 23rd of September 2017! come to support your fighters!

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