For the first time in Latvia, King of Kings, Europe’s biggest kickboxing promotion, came to the nation’s capital Riga. In addition to the super fights and other incredible bouts, top fighters from all over the world competed in the Welterweight Grand Prix Tournament announcing the Welterweight King and winner SERGEI MORARI by points 2:1 in the 3rd round. All together the tournament was unforgettable. If there’s something that separates King of Kings fighters from others – it may come down to great experience. 

The main event of the evening was a four-man welterweight (-77 kg) tournament. The two semifinal matches consisted of local favorite Eugeny Alekseev of Latvia taking on Rain Karkinen of neighboring Estonia and on the other side, Piotr Woznicki of Poland faced Sergei Morari of Moldova.


Welterweight Tournament Semi-Final Fights:

-77 kg: Rain Karkinen (Estonia) def. Jevgenijs Aleksejevs (Lativa) - Aleksejevs injured in round 1 

-77 kg: Sergei Morari (Moldova) def. Piotr Woźnicki (Poland) by decision 2-1

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