KOK begins new season with the Elimination Series fighting tournament – a special event that guarantees thrilling matches. Elimination Series might go down as the greatest comeback to Dublin. KOK rules are deliberately simple and designed for maximum excitement, encouraging the fighters to always go directly for a knockout win.

On Septmeber 12th fans are going to see in the ring best fighters from Ireland:

 Mark Casserly   (Chupasart), Keith Levins , Craig Coakley   (Lionheart Muay Thai), Aaron Browne (Chaiyo), Paul Lawrence (Rush Fight Academy)

Konrad Iwanowski (Team Ryano). As well as best fighters from Mikes Gym (Holland), fighters from UK, Poland, Lithuania and others. 

KOK tournaments differs from many others martial arts tournaments because of highest class and quality of the events, fighters and quantity of fans. All events take place only in the biggest arenas.

Fans are welcome on Septmeber 12th in National Boxing Stadium, South Circular Rd, Dublin 8. Don't miss it!

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