Julius Mocka is meeting with the giant from Switzerland „this fight will be a big challenge “

I missed the ring, the fight and the „start-up “excitement, “- said one of the most powerful Lithuanian fighters Julius Mocka, who is currently preparing for Bushido Hero‘s tournament in Vilnius.


The biggest KOK tournament intrigue: are the best Lithuanians will fight for the champion title? (2)

“Lithuanian tournament final? That would be the best view for our audience”, says the most powerful light weight (to 71kg) fighters Henrikas Viksraitis from Vilnius and Mindaugas Narauskas from Kaunas, who are preparing for the KOK tournament champion title.


Unexpected incident at tournament in Kaunas- even the audience went to the ring!

At “MMA bushido” tournament in Kaunas after an irrational battle between club “Titanas” student Mindaugas Narauskas and fighter from Brazil Rodrigo Mineiro fight unexpected incident occurred at the ring.


S.Maslobojev will meet his opponent from Sweden who knocked out 70 fighters

Lithuanian sports veteran Sergei Masloboyev the 18th of November will be fighting at traditional tournament “King of Kings”. Lithuanian opponent will be Swedish veteran Tofan Pirani. This information was published by the president of the Lithuanian Bushido Federation Donatas Simanaitis.


Intrigue between Vilnius and Kaunas: will there will be a knockout?

“I am hoping for a technical fight, which will end by knockout”, - smiles Arvydas Gerve, Muay Thai champion of Scandinavia, who is preparing for „MMA BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES 2017“tournament.


Deividas Danyla “I am already ready"

Recently Deividas Danyla came back from Thailand and he is not wasting his time, after all, just one week left till the biggest MMA Bushido & KOK World Series 2017 tournament, which will take place in Kaunas- Zalgirio Arena on September the 23rd. “I am already ready, - smiles fighter Deividas Danyla, who spent three months in Thailand the Muay Thai homeland.  


Fighter I. Barysas- “I know the feeling when you want to tear your opponent”

„The preparation for the tournament is very intense- two workouts per day. Now we are working with explosive force. I am very happy that I have strong team near me”, - said Ignas Barysas who is preparing for the “MMA BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES 2017” tournament.


Rising star of martial arts Martynas Danius: This fights will start with strong strikes!

“Responsibility is always high. It grows with every victory,” said Martynas Danius, the star of Lithuanian combat sport, who is currently actively preparing for the" MMA BUSHIDO & KOK WORLD SERIES 2017 "tournament in Kaunas. 


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